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30 Aug 2020 08:54 pm
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Hail, fellow travellers, and well met. My Dreamwidth is mostly for fic, recs, icons, vids and fannish nonsense & fic/vids/icons etc. generally remain open. I'm terribly obscure and multi-fannish, but generally happy to make new friends.

My fic:
thisbluespirit on AO3
vvj5 at A Teaspoon and An Open Mind (the Doctor Who archive)

Current & Past Prompt tables etc: 100fandoms table | Ladies Bingo (Round 6) | Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card (Round 9) | apocabingo card | GenpromptBingo Card (Round 14) | Seventh Doctor Era & Historical for [community profile] who_allsorts | 100 Element Prompts | Shakespeare Plays Watched.

Also the 500 Prompts Meme. runaway_tales: Masterpost here.

Notes on permission: Any remixes etc. based on fanworks of mine are fine - go ahead, and do let me know; I'd be thrilled. And, obviously, credit is nice. No posts made here to be reproduced elsewhere, thanks. If you wish to link to any open posts, of course, please do so!

Friending: New friends are always welcome, but we haven't previously interacted, please drop a comment here.
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Songset made for [community profile] icontalking for Doctor Who from What About Everything - Carbon Leaf. I now want to have a go at seeing if I can do the whole song, but in the meantime here's the set I made for the challenge (using the first verse & chorus).


That's the exciting thing. Nobody else in the universe can do what we're doing )
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On a Wednesday and only 3 weeks after the last! \o/

What I've Been Reading

I found Amy Snow by Tracy Rees on the Tesco's bookstall, which looked intriguing and easy to read, and the cover was pretty, so I snaffled it. It was easy to read and quite sweet and fun. Victorian foundling Amy Snow's foster sister and sole friend in the world dies, but leaves her a treasure hunt to solve.

My Mum lent me The Librarian by Salley Vickers, which was good, although it could have been more about the actual librarianing, but probably I am the only person who would complain about that. (I see in my reading diary that I gave it two stars which is quite high, as three is the most I run to; only now I am baffled because obviously I liked it a lot more when I had just finished it than I think I did now. I cannot explain myself sometimes.)

I also read Tracing Your Merchant Navy Ancestors by Simon Wills, which was helpful. Not that I can actually do any further tracing of anything of that sort until I can visit an archive again one day, but it's good to know where to go, and the bibliography threw up a couple more possible merchant navy titles to look into.

What I'm Reading Now

Currently I'm just at the end of The Magician's Guild by Trudi Canavan, which has been fairly engaging and readable so far (although - and not that I was bored or anything, because I wasn't - technically we've had nearly 400 pages and very little has actually happened when I stop and think about it). Anyway, I've had this trilogy and some of the next on my TBR pile of hope for ages, so it was very satisfactory just to be able to take it down and read it fairly easily. Take that, brain!

For family history purposes, I am going through Wartime Britain 1939-1945 by Juliet Gardiner, which is very interesting, readable, and useful social history. If you write anything in that period, it seems like a good book to have to fall back on for background detail and info, so far at least.

What I'm Reading Next

Well, The Novice by Trudi Canavan, the next book, but probably first An Echo of Murder by Anne Perry, which I got from the library.
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I wrote a thing:

Lease for Lives (3221 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Copper & Silver (S&S)
Additional Tags: Community: hc_bingo, Community: genprompt_bingo, Alternate Timelines, Temporary Character Death, Pre-Canon
Summary: Circumstances drive Copper to do more than just bend a rule...
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[I started this post in July 2018. I feel perhaps I should finish it before I have no memory of anything I watched any more. I already couldn't remember the things I watched in June when I wrote it, so expect even less sensible comments than usual.]

... or some of it, anyway. I have been recording films off the TV a lot lately, especially since I discovered Talking Pictures, which is a good enabler is you're into old British films (and TV). Some modern things may get in, too. I do watch them. I just don't always talk about them.

Films under the cut before I forget them all )
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I have not really been updating properly again. In the meantime, I have been doing too much family history, because I never manage to do it in sensible doses that leave me with any brain for other things.

* So, I have also made 70-80 Dracula gifs (I'm, er, just over a third of the way through). Anyway, as promised and not delivered the other week, Dr Seward gives his housekeeper a poker:

this is what happens when you let actors rehearse )

* I wrote, or more accurately, got around to posting 3 stories at [community profile] rainbowfic, so I did the thing. They were all Edward/Julia, so nothing has changed, really.

* I still don't know what crossover to write for the [community profile] hc_bingo challenge this month, though. Any suggestions? I may need them!
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1. Having completed the March reccing challenge, I signed up for the April challenge which is to write a crossover using at least one or more (or all) of these prompts:

cages purgatory captivity loss of powers

(I actually had to ask for a second strip because the first one was so alarming, and I got this, so I have no regrets.)

Which fandoms should I crossover? I have no immediate ideas.

2. I decided in the midst of giffing Dracula (TV 1968) and watching David Suchet in things that I should try and get hold of the 2006 ITV Dracula, which [personal profile] calliopes_pen had told me the (fairly batshit) plot of a while back. It is definitely kind of enjoyable, but it is a waste of a potentially great cast. (And, [personal profile] calliopes_pen, you were right about Marc Warren! He is actually a really good Dracula and I'm not even having a problem watching him.)

I mean, a connection between vampirism and syphilis is potentially interesting, but... not like this. I have laughed at everything evil!syphilitic!Arthur (Dan Stevens) has done so far, because it is all just that ridiculous.*

And combining Renfield and Van Helsing is also a thing... that you can see why most productions avoid. 0_o However, if anyone can salvage something from this, it will be David Suchet.

I haven't finished it yet, but ITV have definitely gone downhill on the Dracula front since 1968. Sophia Myles hasn't even had a single costume that fit her, let alone a hat. (Mina had a hat one time. She got bit.) It's quite fun to watch, though, and I am reliably informed that it actually ships Dr Seward/Mina. (Poor Jonathan did not make it out of the castle, also a bit of waste.)

Though I think possibly one of Sophia Myles's ill-fitting outfits could in fact be Suzanne Neve's white outfit from the 1968 version and I look forward to screencapping and being still unable to tell later because of the awkwardness of b&w telly. I shall be sure to let you know regardless.

* At least he's pretty. :lol:
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My last Reading Weds was in November last year, and before that in June, and, as I said, I got a bit weird about not wanting to talk about the books I was reading in case I stopped being able to read them, or I wasn't being fair to them anyway because of not taking things in, but if I don't write these entries I forget everything about almost everything I read, and it is nice to chat, and I think I should at least try again.

What I've Finished Reading

Of note (one way or another) since November, I got Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold for Christmas from a friend and enjoyed that very much (as I mentioned to [personal profile] hamsterwoman. I'm not actually sure which of the two Chalion books I enjoyed the most, in the end. Maybe a little more the first, because of all the world building, but it was good to follow Ista's story as well.

I got around to reading The Dragon and the Rose by Roberta Gellis, which I think I must have found in the magic free book shop when it was still here - it is famous in tumblr Henry VII/Elizabeth of York fandom as it is a 1970s historical novel that is only just shy of a Henry/Elizabeth romance novel. It was enjoyably bad; I could not part with it afterwards. I mean, it's not the sort of thing you find every day in a charity shop.

Another from the TBR pile was Black is the Colour of My True Love's Heart, one of Ellis Peters's contemporary murder titles. It wasn't as memorable as a good Cadfael installment (it was a later one, but there was very little to illuminate the main detective and his family), but it was really lovely as ever & a good read, and the guest characters were vivid. I'm not sure why I'd always avoided her modern ones before being ill, but clearly I shall make amends on that score now if I can.

In other murder mysteries, I read the last two Adelia Aguilar books, Relics of the Dead and The Assassin's Prayer (but the series was new to me), which were 12th C historical murder books. The first was set in Glastonbury, Somerset, so I enjoyed that one more than the second. Somerset settings are surprisingly rare, so I treasure them when they come along. They both edged a little more to the thriller than the detective story in places for my taste, but they were lively and I enjoyed them. (Adelia was a little too much Not Like the Other 12th Century People, but at least she had decent reasons for it.) I enjoyed the second slightly less because it wasn't set in Somerset and had a murderer POV (although to be fair it was helpfully marked out in italics so I could skip all of it very easily), but, as I said, I enjoyed both of them and could read them pretty easily, which is the most important thing these days.

Also from the TBR pile, I had picked up Greenmantle by John Buchan, one of his Dick Hannay books, which was also surprisingly lively and readable with a nifty turn of phrase, although it was written in 1916 with a particular voice and seemed to be trying for an offensiveness bingo (it succeeded) that made Golden Age detective writers suddenly look like paragons of restraint in that department, especially in the first third. But overall, it was interesting, and I'm glad to have read at least one his oeuvre. It was not anywhere near as good as the 1936 film of The 39 Steps, though. No handcuffed-together shenanigans here!

What I'm Reading Now

I found another Daisy Dalrymple on the charity bookstand at Tesco! (The bookstand keeps moving about alarmingly, worrying me that Tesco have taken it away, but, no, just moved it again. Happily they've at least realised that maybe outside the loos was not in fact ideal, after a fancy noticeboard displaced it from where it had been for three years.) Anyway, this one is a later one, The Bloody Tower (set in the Tower of London, as you may imagine) and obviously Daisy has immediately fallen over the dead body of a beefeater, much to her Scotland Yard DCI husband Alec's embarrassment. (He is, though, resigned to it by now. It is just Fate that wherever Daisy goes corpses crop up in her wake.)

I haven't got much further, but it's nice to have a familiar friend in my hands again, as it were.

What I'm Reading Next

One never knows, meme! I am, though, having the curious pleasure of actually being able to read almost anything I pull off the TBR pile, though, so maybe something off that. I feel highly wary of this lasting, though. Maybe I'll find something else at Tesco, or re-read something, so you never can tell.
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Some icons, mostly made for [community profile] iconthat and [community profile] icontalking + alternates. (I think for Primary Colours, animated, screencap pool & chiaroscuro.)


Icons under here )
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(Not an obvious combination of TV series, lol, but linked by a common factor & what that is you can probably guess.)

Anyway, I have been watching the BBC's 1980s biopic Oppenheimer lately, starring Sam Waterston. It also features in the 7th and final episode some guy called James Maxwell as Lloyd Garrison.

I did enjoy it, but it was also slightly distressing as this is my last bit of James Maxwell available on DVD that is new to me. (There are, though, two things available by online methods that I need to get to, I just keep hoping that either they'll release a DVD or Talking Pictures will oblige me by showing them, as I'm not great at watching stuff online.) But still. I get through the bad stuff by reminding myself that if things get to their worst, I might be able to purchase some James Maxwell! What's a person to do when there is NO MORE?*

Anyway, it was very good, although in that taking-it-very-seriously-practically-a-docudrama way that I thought even the BBC had done with by 1980. It even still had a narrator (John Carson, [personal profile] liadtbunny). I think it could easily have lost an episode, too (half of episode 1 could have gone, for a start). As I knew only the vaguest things about the Manhattan Project prior to this, I can't comment on accuracy, although old time BBC usually at least try quite hard.

It was, though, aside from the two or three Genuine Americans who had been enticed over by the prospect, a field day for people who can do dodgy foreign accents, plus all the regular Americans and Canadians based in the UK. I ticked them off as they popped up, and my only question was, when would Ed Bishop arrive?

The answer was, as it turned out, episode 4. *g*

But Sam Waterston was very good, and it also had David Suchet as Edward Teller, coming into his own with his first major TV role, and, the dodgy-accent brigade included Milton Johns! In an actual proper serious role! Amazing. Bless him.**

I have also, hence the unlikely title, finally got round to screencapping the Bognor installment in which James Maxwell and Patrick Troughton are both monks in a honey-making religious community that is rocked by MURDER and espionage. I have brought pics. You can thank me later. :-D

I don't even know what to label half of this )

* Rewatch previous purchases, obviously. *happily disappears into Girl on Approval for a bit*

** He had to try and sell the scene in The Android Invasion in classic Who where he discovered that he was not missing an eye, he just hadn't ever thought to look under his eyepatch! So obv. he deserves all the good things, even if he hadn't already earned a lot of audience fondness for somehow being ridiculously likeable while playing all the slimy creeps in 70s & 80s children's TV. His accent was the dodgiest, but he was otherwise very good indeed in it.
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Okay, so I keep not feeling that great still, which is why I hadn't been posting so much, plus trying to see my parents when I was feeling a bit better. And then yesterday I decided just to go out and make myself worse by actually doing something for a change. Today I am tired, but I think in a more usual ME-ish sort of way. I hope.

So, I didn't sign up for [community profile] hurtcomfortex, because I was too ill to manage the sign-up even though I got everything sorted and a letter written. However, I am only just becoming well enough to even feel a bit sorry, apart from the thing where I feel my requests and chosen freeforms were a sad loss to the exchange.

However, never let it be said that I wasted a bunch of perfectly good freeforms! How about a writing meme? (I'm not promising there will be fic, I might just go off and cry, it seems to depend a lot right now, but HOPEFULLY).

So: give me a pairing (or 2+ characters) + one (or two) of these freeforms as a prompt and I will attempt to write a ficlet!

(I present them here in full with my fandoms just so you can see that I was having too much fun, but obv. ignore that when selecting, I will take any fandoms and characters/pairings I know, unless I won't, in which case I will tell you. Also things I want people to write for me are not the same as things I want to write! Some of the freeforms are in there twice or more, but I am confident you can cope. If anyone wants to spread the meme, you can find your own preferred freeforms in the tagset (follow the link above) or just steal mine, but obv remove my fandoms and duplications please!)

Freeform free for all! )

So, anyway, that is why I have been a bit erratic and not so much around except when I am, but writing memes are cheering things and wind up in strange new places, so let's do that.
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Time for another round of [community profile] who_guestfest, this year being run by [personal profile] shivver again! Open now for leaving prompts and signing up:

All corners of the Whoniverse are welcome, and anyone can leave prompts whether or not you intend to sign up - the more the merrier! (Anon commenting is on.)

It's a basic old school ficathon, no exchange pressures - claim a prompt if one takes your fancy or sign up with your own idea instead to produce a min of 500 words to be posted on your chosen date. Or just drop a prompt into the mix and see if you inspire someone. It's usually pretty good fun.
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Someone wrote me a lovely sapphire & Steel ficlet for the [community profile] historium commentfest (with Silver in the 18th C):

The phantom bird (633 words) by 35391291
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Silver (S&S)
Additional Tags: 18th Century, Elemental Weirdness, Time Skips, Historium Commentfest 2019
Summary: The bird looks at him sharply, with unblinking eyes. Suddenly, the world seems to shake. The invisible cloud seems to cover everything in its path, and the air whispers wrong, wrong, wrong. The bird shrieks, calling up an old, evil feeling. Its phantom song seems to unhinge the quiet afternoon and the world and time itself.

Silver ends up in West Drayton on a Sunday. Or perhaps, a Friday. Cue time skips, a strange bird, and some very clever sleight of hand.

Also, unrelated, but I started looking at the Hallucinations tag on AO3 for my [community profile] hc_bingo March challenge thing, and saw a work with around 390 tags... which was apparently a 600+ word poem. lol. Fandom. I mean, at least it wasn't just a 40 word prologue, I suppose.
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I signed up for a strip of prompts for the [community profile] hc_bingo March Amnesty reccing challenge, as I often do - I usually enjoy this one.

And, lol, while not involving anything as unpleasant as their prompts often do, these are going to tricky ones to find stuff for... which is part of the fun, of course. I shall be wandering down some interesting by-ways of AO3 tags, I can see:

loss of hearing

(You don't have to be part of the main bingo to sign up if you just want to do the reccing challenge.)
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Memed from [personal profile] sharpest_asp: A list of female characters I love:

1. Ruth Evershed
2. Regina Mills
3. Kathryn Janeway
4. Servalan
5. Clara Oswald
6. Alice Jones
7. Ace McShane
8. Cora Mills
9. Evie Carnahan
10. Dayna Mellanby

Give me a number from the below list & I'll answer the question. Or try to anyway.

1. What defining trait draws you to them?
2. Do you have a pairing you prefer for them?
3. Is there a point of canon you would change?
4. 3 sentence ficlet please? {provide prompt)
5. Random 5 things about this one?
6. What is the best point of canon in your opinion?
7. Random crossover crack ficlet please? (choose two of the ladies, or one and provide a second fandom to cross with)
8. How would canon be different without them?
9. Give a shag/marry/cliff trio for the lady.
10. Ask any other question!
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I forgot - I wrote a fic for the [community profile] who_contest challenge "Crowds." (I wasn't quite sure at the time what the rules were for posting it elsewhere before the round ended, and then it slipped my mind.)

May Contain Multitudes (1356 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Fifth Doctor, Adric (Doctor Who), Nyssa of Traken, Tegan Jovanka, Background & Cameo Characters
Additional Tags: Community: who_contest, Time Travel, Multi-Era
Summary: Three's a crowd, but it could be worse, as the Doctor finds out...

A thing!

23 Feb 2019 06:15 pm
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For all historical fandoms, fictional & RPF, original historical works, and general fandoms in an historical setting. Open now for prompts and fills! Click on the banner for the link.

If you want to promote it, please c+p the banner code below:

Also I made a rebloggable tumblr post. (Please do reblog, since I deleted mine my accident, I have about 14 followers in total, so my tumblr reach is even more minimal than before!)

(I will do these things... /o\)
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I haven't been feeling that well the last couple of days, which it took me a little while to realise was some extra virus and not just a bad day, but it happily seems to be improving already, and I tidied up this fic, inspired by my 100 Elements prompts and me making graphics for these particular new OC Elements last week. (I blame Tin's casting on [personal profile] swordznsorcery! ;-p)

Also for [community profile] 100fandoms and [community profile] genprompt_bingo.

Cameo (2094 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Jasper (S&S), Tin (S&S), Jet (S&S), Original Characters, Original Elements - Character
Additional Tags: community: 100fandoms, Community: genprompt_bingo, Time Loop, Time slip, Murder, 1920s, 1940s, 1980s, Blood, Ghosts
Summary: “Goodness,” she says, turning around to find a stranger on the other side of the counter. “I didn’t see you come in.”
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Chocolate Box author reveals have happened and I can now confess to my own fannish crimes (and know who was responsible for my lovely gifts, especially the main assignment - I don't think I've ever been quite so impatient to see who wrote my gift, which is [personal profile] cyphomandra, as it turns out. Do you suppose they'd mind if I camped outside their door and waited for them to Do It Again someday? Heh.)

It was good fun, and I'd like to do it again, although the closeness to Yuletide and fandom_stocking is a bit of a thing. OTOH, it genuinely is pretty laid back with a 300 word minimum, so... Still, I'm very glad I did it this time!

I was assigned to shopfront, who had requested three fandoms that I knew, although only one that I'd actually offered for that fandom/pairing. Ironically, then, I wrote a gift and a treat for those two other pairings and fell down on the matched one. Mainly because shopfront had requested Thirteen/Yaz and prompted Thirteen trying to manage some normal dates and I was immediately bunnied, because we all know how that would go. I did eventually, at the 11th hour, also manage to write out the tiny Bel/Lix ficlet (from The Hour) that I'd had planned for ages, because, well, Anna Chancellor and Romola Garai, really.)

Anyway, fic:

We'll Be Dating To the End of Time (1934 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan
Characters: Thirteenth Doctor, Yasmin Khan
Additional Tags: Humor, human-alien relations, Time Travel, Dating, The Doctor is hopeless at romance
Summary: The Doctor tries taking Yaz on some nice, calm, normal dates. It goes about exactly as well as you'd imagine.

Immoral Support (420 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Hour (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bel Rowley/Lix Storm
Characters: Bel Rowley, Lix Storm
Additional Tags: Ficlet
Summary: Bel winds up where she always does after a bad day; in the safest place she knows...

(And, yes, the title and the line is a Press Gang reference. It's hard not to sometimes.)

And shopfront leaves very enthusiastic comments so between two treats, an amazing main gift and a very nice recip, that was a pretty good exchange experience.

(Also, I'd just been thinking that I missed [personal profile] clocketpatch and their fic, and then saw the name as a recip in the Doctor Who category, and then next fic I read in that section was clearly a Clocket Seven & Ace fic, and I was right. Anyway, it's Clocket Seven & Ace Whofic, you should read it if you haven't already.)
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I am being bad at posting and I am actually really enjoying the Stuff I Love meme, both seeing other people's posts and self-indulgently going on about things I love. I am tired, though, so let me be obvious tonight.

Anyone who's been following me for more than about two minutes will have gathered that as well as obscure old telly I love obscure old actors who appear in it. It was an inevitable consequence, really. David Collings, Barbara Murray, Alfred Burke, Suzanne Neve, Gemma Jones and a bunch of others. David Collings is the person whose fault it was, and who dies improbably and entertainingly a lot. But my current favourite is James Maxwell. I would explain myself, and there is a sort of explanation in there somewhere that started with David Collings and BBC period drama but it passed through Sapphire and Steel fancasting and theatrical ghost stories and a nice obit, to "I just like your face, sir" and then what can you do?

Anyway, James Maxwell was a character actor who was one of the founding artistic directors of Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre, which he is now reputed to haunt. He was actually American, but came to the UK to study at the Old Vic Theatre School in 1950 and stayed here till he died in 1995.

Things I like about him:

1. He crossed an ocean because of Dame Edith Evans. (Literally: he went to see her in the theatre and no less than two days later he was on board a ship for the UK, arriving in Southampton with no forwarding address.)

2. The ghost story about him can basically be boiled down to "his colleagues wanted to have him still around." Bonus for the ghost story: he is said to have made an appearance on TV from beyond the grave on Most Haunted. Not something everyone can claim.

And now I will just illustrate my point with gifs )

I was prompted to post this particular entry today because someone on tumblr had found a new source of theatrical pics for him, which I shall now share, watermarks notwithstanding.

Ah, yes, the one in the short skirt holding someone's hand... )

I was going to write a sensible post about JM and do him justice (because actually he was a pretty interesting person and it has been fun trying to find out more about him and there is a lot to say) but I am tired. So you got the gifs that survived my tumblr-pocalypse.

But this list could have been a lot longer and had more gifs, so you can't complain too much. ;-p

ETA: oh, also THIS LIST. <3
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... and guess who has a marvellous gift and two treats? I feel bad all over again that I only managed my assignment and not even a tiny treat for anyone else, but that is life, I suppose.

ANYWAY, more importantly, my gift is an amazing thing in which someone wrote me pitch perfect Sid & Charles from Dick Francis's Sid Halley series only it is ALSO a crossover, being a very excellent Sapphire & Steel assignment with Sapphire and Silver and Steel. Chocolate Box only has a 300 word minimum and somehow I got 6000+ words of an impossible and great crossover casefic. I am overcome. Anyway, if you also like one or both of the fandoms, I recommend it. (If you don't know S&S, it is just Dick Francis + Weirdness; if you don't know Sid Halley, it's a typically strange assignment via outsider POV.)

Stalk On (6074 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sid Halley - Dick Francis, FRANCIS Dick - Works, Sapphire and Steel
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sid Halley & Charles Roland | Charles Rowland, Sapphire/Silver/Steel (S&S), Sapphire & Silver & Steel (S&S)
Characters: Sid Halley, Charles Roland | Charles Rowland (Dick Francis), Sapphire (S&S), Silver (S&S), Steel (S&S)
Additional Tags: Crossover, Case Fic, Timeline Shenanigans, The Royal Navy

Far up in the stretches of night; night splits and the dawn breaks loose;
I, through the terrible novelty of light, stalk on, stalk on;
Those great sea-horses bare their teeth and laugh at the dawn.

W.B. Yeats, High Talk

Sid spends another pleasant evening at Aynsford.

I am a very lucky so-and-so, for I also received two smaller but also very lovely Sapphire & Steel treats, one playing with the strangeness of elements, the other a brief but eerie/melancholy little assignment:

Like little maps to the stars (786 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sapphire (S&S), Silver (S&S), Steel (S&S)
Additional Tags: Elemental Magic, Elemental Weirdness, Time Loop, Illusions, Post-Canon, Fix-It of Sorts, Chocolate Box Treat
Summary: They will start again, they will start over. They always do. They will become that small, bright light, and they will find their way again. Out here, they will become the world. They will be everything, the three of them. Somehow, they will be.

After assignment 6, three Elements find themselves again. And again. And perhaps, again.

Figments and Fragments (1224 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sapphire and Steel
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sapphire (S&S), Silver (S&S), Steel (S&S)
Additional Tags: Forests, Hidden Things
Summary: Someone and something's in the forest that shouldn't be there. The Elements investigate.

(And I'm sorry, I went a bit AWOL again the last day or so. I am just trying to get various other things done in between the usual bouts of tiredness, and so this may just happen a lot for a while, but one of the things is some wrangling stuff that actually will be done with soon, as well as the family history. And I just can't always do those things and keep up, unfortunately.)

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A little thing I wrote for [community profile] halfamoon, and also for [community profile] genprompt_bingo and [community profile] 100fandoms. (1 down, 99 to go!)

Thrice Cursed (555 words) by thisbluespirit
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
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Summary: Alice is cursed three times.

(Or: I've just been rewatching S7 and basically I still love Alice | Tilly a lot.)
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While I'm here, let's do the thing:

I love random generators! They are my favourite internet creative toy and responsible for many a fic from me, one way or another.

My favourite was the Genremixer, which sadly died, but thankfully [personal profile] john_amend_all stepped in and made another version, the Ersatz Genremixer. It is the one that most works for actually kick-starting fic for me. It's simple, adjustable to your preferences, allows you to put in your own choice of characters, it's sometimes semi-sentient, and altogether delightful.

Random results )

But for hours of amusement, the Unconventional Courtship Generator is probably even more fun. (I think because it gives you summaries, it's like little ridiculous stories in themselves without me having even to write them.) While I've been ill, I have cheered myself up with this more times than I can count, and certainly more times than I have ever written for the results. (Although I have written for the results, including the Steed/Baldrick one that [personal profile] astrogirl said I couldn't do. Few of them are romantic, but romance is most certainly not required.) It was originally made for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship ficathon (where you write fic based on terrible Mills & Boon type summaries, hence the generator full of them). You can type in your own characters here, too, if you wish to, although it comes pre-populated.

And then you get things like this.... )

Other generators that I am very fond of and/or find extremely useful:

this Bingo generator, which came via [community profile] allbingo, which I've used for both of the bingos I've run.

They Fight Crime (Just for the lols mainly: "He's a bookish small-town gentleman spy from a doomed world. She's a violent hip-hop nun from a secret island of warrior women. They fight crime!")

The Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator (the cause of a lot of DW fic from me once upon a time. Although, as with me and the UC generator, very rarely actually romantic, and still a favourite.)

The Cakefic Generator (cakefic is important!)

Probably one I should look at now, for my thingies, an Element Pairing Generator

And I have made an awful lot of use over the years of the random poetry generator for making prompts for memes and comms and things (despite its Emily Dickinson fixation).


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